ADHD Treatment

ADHD Can Be Treated in a Variety of Ways

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be detected in child who is as young as three or four years old when their behavior is seen as being unusually extreme for their age. They seem to be constantly on the move and getting into things, they never seem stop talking, and their ability to pay attention and sit still in class will be affected. Eventually these behaviors will have a negative affect their relationships with family and friends. There is no cure for ADHD, but there are a variety of treatments that can be used to help minimize the problem behaviors that are associated with this condition.

ADHD Treatment

ADHD Treatment Without Drugs

When a toddler or young child is suspected of having ADHD, a pediatrician will generally recommend ADHD behavior therapy before prescribing ADHD drugs. Behavior therapy is used to reinforce positive behaviors and discourage negative or disruptive behaviors. A therapist will work with the child to teach them behaviors that do not cause problems and help them express themselves in a way that will not create issues for themselves and others.

It is important for the child’s parents to be involved in their ADHD therapy. Parents are taught how to manage their child’s behaviors by learning new skills and build up their existing skills. Parents who are involved in behavior therapy have a positive effect in reducing their child’s problem behaviors and strengthening their relationship with their child.

The ADHD Diet

In addition to behavior therapy, an ADHD diet may also help to reduce negative behaviors. Some foods may increase ADHD-type behaviors, but there is no evidence that food is the sole cause of ADHD. Physicians, nutritionist and behavior therapist may recommend a low-carb, high-protein diet that focuses on foods with complex carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acids. They also suggest people who are suffering from ADHD to avoid food additives, sugar and caffeine.

ADHD Treatment with Drugs

If non-drug treatments are not effective enough in reducing negative behaviors, then a doctor may prescribe one of two types of ADHD medication to manage the symptoms. The most commonly used type of ADHD medications are stimulants which help to increase concentration and reduce fatigue. Some stimulant brands include Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta. If a stimulant drug is unsafe or ineffective, then the doctor may prescribe a non-stimulant drug like Strattera or Intuniv.

ADHD Research

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conducting community-based ADHD research throughout the US to further understand ADHD and to accurately diagnose and treat the condition. This study, known as the Project to Learn About Youth – Mental Health, looks to provide information that can be used in prevention and intervention strategies to help children with ADHD in their growth and development. ADHD is not only a concern for individual families, it is also a public health issue, and any information that can be obtained through ADHD research as to the causes and treatments for this condition can be valuable for people who suffer from this condition.