Cold and Flu Prevention

The Best Ways to Avoid Getting a Cold or the Flu

A cold or the flu can drag on for days, so it makes sense to do everything within your power to avoid catching the germs that cause these diseases. Fortunately, you have a lot of power when it comes to fighting germs. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be less likely to get sick, even if you’re around people who are.

Cold and Flu Prevention

Get a Flu Shot

The flu vaccine can be a bit of a gamble in that scientists are guessing which strains of the virus are most likely to be active in any given year. However, getting the show will help you fight off those strains even if it’s another one that takes hold in your community. Those who still get the flu after having a flu vaccine tend to experience a milder version. If you can’t afford to get sick, this is perhaps the best step you can take to prevent the flu.

Wash Your Hands – Often

Throughout the day, you’re bound to touch areas that are covered in germs. The germs on your hands then transfer to your body when you eat foods or rub your eyes. The more frequently you can wash your hands to eliminate germs, the less likely you are to ingest them. Wash hands before eating, after using the toilet, and when you come back home after being out.

Take Your Vitamins

Your body needs the proper amount of vitamins to be its best, but many people don’t get enough even when eating a varied diet. Take a multivitamin daily to cover up any gaps, and hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. If you really want to build up your immune system, take additional vitamins that are intended to improve immunity, such as vitamin C, zinc, and Echinacea.

Disinfect Your Work Space

You spend a lot of hours at work, which means that there are many chances for you to get germs. As careful as you might be about washing your hands, you never know how many other people aren’t. People leave the bathroom without washing their hands, sneeze or cough into their hand or do other things that lead to germs. Then, they touch the printer, door handles, and other things around the office. Keep some hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes at your desk and use them frequently. Don’t feel bad about periodically sanitizing other common areas in the work place. You’ll prevent illness all around.

Take Extra Care Around Sick People

Do your best to avoid people who are sick. If that’s not possible, double your sanitization efforts. For instance, if your spouse has a cold, you might clean the sink more frequently or choose to sleep in the guest bedroom. If you work in a doctor’s office and had contact with a lot of sick people, you might take a shower when you get home from work.

These little things might seem excessive at first, but your germ-fighting efforts will eventually pay off. Not only will you avoid getting sick yourself, you won’t be spreading germs to others as well.